Labial Reduction Thailand

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For many women abnormally enlarged labia minora can really be a very distressing source of discomfort and psychological trauma. Often times these women are too embarrassed to get help so they can restore to a normal appearance of their genitalia.  This enlargement of the labia minora can be the result that’s caused by various factors, which include pregnancy and childbirth, hormonal effects and some sports.  However, labial reduction Thailand can help you restore your genitalia as well as your self-esteem and confidence.


Labial reduction Thailand is an operation that reduces the labia minora, and is usually is performed under general anesthesia, which involves the removing of excess tissue. However, before the surgery can be performed there has to be an assessment that is carefully performed so optimum treatment can be used to accomplish the best possible outcome will be discussed at the consultation. 


The labia minora reduction surgery is a fairly minor surgery to reduce a large labia. The procedure takes approximately two hours and is carefully performed to make sure that the appearance of the inner lips look normal and still have sensation and a vaginal opening.  The surgery is done at a accredited surgical center, and general anesthesia, the surgeon may decide to use sedation with local anesthesia.


The risk of complications of labial reduction Thailand are very low, however, in order, to make sure that the desired result is achieved it’s important that scrupulous attention is paid to post-operative care. It takes three to four weeks for healing to occur. Yet, in about six weeks you can resume sexual intercourse. So if you want to end your embarrassment this is the procedure that can help put and stop to it.


Gynecologist and plastic surgeons, traditionally, perform this surgery by removing the excess labia tissue in such a way that there’ll be no scar on the front edge of the labia, which preserves the normal pigmentation of the labia.  In addition, to reducing the size and creating a normal appearance of the labia there are also other advantages to having this surgery:

  • Relieve from the discomfort caused by an enlarged labia.
  • Self-esteem and self-image will be improved.
  • Restore and rejuvenate youthful appearance.


As with any cosmetic procedure, labial reduction Thailand has risk for complications.  Among the complications the most common are bleeding, infection and scarring, which can be painful. You’ll be given antibiotics before and after the procedure to decrease the chances of infection, if it occurs post-operatively, it’s minor, which can be handled with oral antibiotics. Bleeding as mentioned is rare, however, this can happen with any surgery, happen in post-operative, if strenuous activity or having intercourse too soon.


The risk of complications associated with labial reduction Thailand is less than one percent, however, you should have knowledge of them. The surgeon will make sure that he/she will do everything to possible to give you the results that you desire, and if you follow the post-operative care instructions you’ll have a full recovery and a labia that’s of normal size and appearance.


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