Mini Face Lift Thailand

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As people get  older the skin becomes less elastic with age and they develop loose and unsightly skin folds as well as wrinkles around the jaw line, neck and chin. When this occurs people look older and worn out. This is a look that the majority of us want to avoid, therefore, many decide that they want to do something about it and turn to mini facelift Thailand.


The first, thing that you should be aware of is that there’s a difference between mini facelift Thailand and a full facelift. The full facelift is more effective if the sagging of the skin, muscles, subcutaneous fat and connective tissue, is advanced.  Deep creases, grooves and wrinkles that are located on the face and the neck can be rid of with a full facelift as well as an endoscopic front lift.


For the full facelift there are more incisions that are made, which are made behind the ear and beneath the chin since most structures of the forehead and the eyebrows have inclusive muscles of the neck are being rectified. On the other hand, the mini facelift is limited to the sagging of the tissue of the jowls and the cheeks, which is often the first, and the most infuriating characteristics of aging.


Mini facelift Thailand may be combined with the liposuction of the neck, neck muscle correction, eyelid procedure, nose job,  filling methods and superficial wrinkle treatments. So now, that you know the difference between a full facelift and mini facelift, the next thing that you may be interested in is how the surgery is preformed.

The surgeon will make an incision is made in the hairline and in the natural fold of your skin in front of the ear, and through this incision the surgeon is able to correct the subcutaneous tissues and raise the weakened muscles. The surgeon will then use a number of loops that support the subcutaneous tissues during the period of healing.  These loops will dissolve and disappear when they’re no longer needed.  This prevents the late rejection of the stitches.


When you undergo mini facelift Thailand it’s possible that the surgeon will use local anesthesia, however, at your request the procedure can be performed under intravenous sedation. Unlike traditional narcosis, which a tube is inserted into the throat and connected to a breathing machine, you breath on your own. As you’re sleeping you breath and you feel no pain or discomforted. A couple hours after the procedure you feel great and have no side effects of general anesthesia.


One week after mini facelift Thailand the stitches are removed, and from this time you can apply make-up and return to your social activities. When you have your follow-up appointment you’ll be given advice on how to care for yourself. It’s important to keep in mind that during the two weeks after the surgery you face will be a little blue and swollen. The vitamins that may be prescribed to prior to the surgery that helps makes that recovery quicker.


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