Face Lift Thailand

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We all have to face it, there’s no getting around it. As all of us become older we become victims of gravity, the sun and the stresses of everyday life have a impact on our faces.  Wrinkles slowly begin to appear between the mouth and the nose, the skin becomes loose and drops below the jaw line, and extra skin and fat accumulates round the neck.  The prefect solution is facelift Thailand, although, it cannot stop the process of aging it can reverse the effects of aging through the process of removing extra fat and skin and straightening the muscles.


So if you have these issues and would like to have a remedy for it then you can opt to have your face lifted, in order, to look like you did in your younger days. It’s possible to get back some of your youth.  However, to be a candidate for facelift Thailand your face and neck skin in which has began to drop, but still has elasticity.


During the surgery, depending on who your surgeon is, some like to work on each side one at a time, while others like to work on both sides at one time. The position of the incisions and the extent of the facelift all depends on the structure of your face, and the repair that’s needed.  Normally, the incision will begin on the forehead and travels to the front of the ear, and then behind the ear lobe.


There’s an additional incision that is also made underneath the chin during facelift Thailand, which is to made to repair the neck. The surgeon separates the skin from the fat, and removes what’s extra. The muscles are strengthens and then the surgeon returns the fat pockets to where they belong.  Once the surgeon completes that he/she stretches the skin, removes the extra skin and uses sutures to close the incision.


The operation can take between three to seven hours, however, it can last longer if there are additional procedures being performed. Normally, there are drainage tubes that are placed in both sides of the face so that the secretions and blood can drain, and for the first 24-hours the face is bandaged.  It’s possible to feel discomfort and pain after the surgery, which will be treated with pain medicine.


There will also be a sensation as if something is crawling on your face, this normally disappears within several weeks following the surgery.  A day or two after facelift Thailand the bandages will be removed. Keep in mind that your face may appear swollen, with pale or red, and bleeding spots.  Don’t worry these will go away after a couple days or weeks.


An important thing that you most likely already know is that with all cosmetic procedure there are risk, which include bleeding, infection, facial nerve damage, asymmetry of the face and healing delay, however, this particular risk goes down if you don’t smoke.  These risk are rare, but if they should come up the surgeons that are performing facelift Thailand will be handled with professionalism and care.


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