Breast Capsulectomy Thailand

Removal of the breast implants


Although,  the sole purpose of having breast implants is to enhance and improve a women’s self-confidence, sensuality and the shape, there are times when the implant has to be removed, which is either desired or a requirement. There are three main reasons that a women may need breast capsulectomy Thailand are, the change in shape and size. Leakage or rupture, and capsular contracture of the breast.

The three reasons mentioned above make up over 75% of why all removal of implant surgeries. The other less common reason for breast capsulectomy Thailand, include wrinkling of the implant, infection, asymmetry, hematoma, seroma, drooping, concerns about health or the diagnosis of breast cancer.  Therefore, if you have any of these issue or simply want to remove your implants for whatever reason then this surgery is for you.


The surgeon will typically,  use sedation or general anesthesia to perform implant removal surgery. There’s an incision made that’s either on the under fold of the breast or around the areola. Then the capsule is cut in two and the implant is removed carefully. If you have an implant that’s filled with saline then your surgeon might make the decision to deflate the implant to facilitate the removal. On the other hand, if your implant is filled with silicone then the surgeon will examine it for damage and then remove it.

The capsule or the scar tissue that was surrounding the implant can also be removed, which is known as capsultomy if there’s no intention on being replaced, however, if the implants are going to be replaced in an another position and/or  with a larger implant or will be replaced with breast implant of a different texture. There are also other reasons why breast capsulectomy Thailand may be preformed.


These reasons, include leakage, infection and/or worries about the clarity and the accuracy of the mammograms if the capsule is not taken out. In the majority of case, there’s only part of the capsule that’s removed, which is known as partial capsulectomy.  It’s good to your research on this surgery, however, there’s a lot to know so the best thing that you can do is make sure to address any concerns to your doctor/surgeon.


They’ll make sure that you have all of your questions answered before you undergo your surgery.  There’s no need to be concerned with breast capsulectomy Thailand. You’ll be in the best hands possible and any thing that you’re concerned about will be discussed by the surgeon. You just have to take the initiative to ask the questions about the breast implant removal and the removal of the capsule. The surgeons cannot read your mind. 


So whatever reason you want to have breast capsulectomy Thailand you can get your implants removed, and replaced again if you want.  You can surgeon will discuss the needs for having this surgery and what the best options for you are. Be open and honest with your surgeon and tell him/her what’s going on they’ll be able to help you make the best decision on whether or not to go through with the surgery.


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