Fat Injection Thailand

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When you hear the term fat injection, it refers to the process of taking fat from the stomach or another area of the body, and then injecting the fat into the face or to another area of the body.  The objective of fat injections Thailand is to give more fullness to the face, lips, buttocks or hands.  So this is the perfect solution if you skin is starting to thin out.


As you go through the aging process, the dermis under the skin begins to thin out, and this can result in your face appearing too thin and makes the skin look like it’s sagging. This occurs to women of every sort of body type: small, medium and large frames.  Therefore, fat injections Thailand will add fat in the areas underneath the skin and gives the effect of filling out the face so it’s looks more youthful.


In addition, to filling out the wrinkles on your face, highly purified injections of fat can also boost blood circulation in the tissues since there are a small number of stem cells that are accumulated and concentrated during the fat processing.  Therefore, a small number of stem cells are re-injected into your face. Fat injections are normally used to rejuvenate the lips, bags underneath the eyes, cheeks and chin.


You may be already aware of that fat injections Thailand are used for lip augmentation, however, there are other areas in the face in which the injections can be placed.  For instance, injections can be used as well to lessen the lines that are around the area of the mouth, and fill in the bags that are under the eyes. Fill out the cheeks and chin, in addition, the injections can be used as an all purpose filler in the face.


As there becomes more understanding on the process of aging, people have began to appreciate that for some patients that instead of stretching the tissues, adding soft tissue volume with fat injections will make the face appear younger. Therefore, more and more are using injections for ‘touch-ups’ as well as part of the facelift procedure. There are also areas in the body that can benefit from injections.


Fat injections Thailand can as well be used for buttock augmentation.  The fat is first liposuctioned from the stomach or flank area and is then processed in a decanting method. The purified fat is injected into the but with a special cannulas. This process makes for a more flattering, natural and sensual appearance.  Another, area in which injections that can benefit from fat injections are in the hands. Having injections in the hands can create a fuller and more youthful contour.


Under local sedation or local anesthesia fat injections Thailand is performed. Small syringes are used to harvest fat from the hip, inner or outer thigh, lower back, or lower stomach. Then the fat is processed in a centrifuge and is injected to the area desired.  If the process is done properly then a good percentage of the transfer will remain and the face will fill out for a more youthful look.


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